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Postgraduate Writing Skills (EAPD) (ALL 2017/8) is a Course

Postgraduate Writing Skills (EAPD) (ALL 2017/8)

Ended Dec 1, 2017


Full course description

WEEKS 1-10 (29 Sept - 1 Dec)

FRIDAYS 2-4pm PR JG4010

Learning Objectives 

  • To structure and write essays, reports and other assignment types effectively 
  • To evaluate and use sources and research in your writing 
  • To produce texts which are coherent, cohesive and with a sound logical argument 
  • To unpack different sections of the writing process 
  • To increase familiarity with academic style - relevant use of lexical and grammatical structures 



The course will include the following: 

  • The academic assignment – different genres and purposes 
  • Critical reading and thinking skills 
  • Paragraphs to text - organising, structuring and connecting paragraphs; the role of the topic sentence 
  • Introductions, thesis statements & conclusions 
  • Presenting and supporting an opinion 
  • Summarising and paraphrasing 
  • In-text citation & preparation of bibliographies 
  • Developing accuracy - techniques for editing & proof-reading 
  • Academic style and values. Developing your style, your own distinctive voice 

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