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Pronunciation Skills (EAPD) (EA0003_ALL_ACYR_19) is a Course

Pronunciation Skills (EAPD) (EA0003_ALL_ACYR_19)

Ended Mar 10, 2020


Full course description

Work closely with a teacher and use the language lab to improve your pronunciation and the clarity, accuracy and fluency of your spoken English. Listen to / watch short clips, practise your pronunciation, receive feedback and record yourself. Work on individual sounds, word and sentence stress and intonation. Also practise your fluency and accuracy by taking part in short discussions and presentations.


Learning Objectives

·         Recognise a range of phonetic symbols, in particular short and long vowel sounds 

·         Pronounce a range of vowel sounds 

·         Pronounce a range of consonant sounds, including final consonants and consonant clusters 

·         Identify stress patterns 

·         Use word stress and sentence stress 

·         Recognise a range of patterns in connected speech and use connected speech 

·         Participate in discussions



The course will include the following: 

·         Phonetic alphabet 

·         Vowels 

·         Consonants - including final consonants and consonant clusters 

·         Word stress 

·         Sentence stress 

·         Connected speech 

·         Tutorial

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