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PhD Students Writing & Speaking Skills (EA0007_ALL_ACYR_19) is a Course

PhD Students Writing & Speaking Skills (EA0007_ALL_ACYR_19)

Ended Mar 12, 2020


Full course description

A class specially for PhD students and your writing and speaking needs. This is a relaxed, friendly class where you can meet PhD students from across the university. Develop your ability to talk about your thesis topic to a range of audiences, including those outside your subject area. Practise your presentation and discussion skills. Enhance your writing skills, grammar and vocabulary. Consider the purpose, structure and language required for different sections of the thesis. Participate in writing workshops where you can work on your writing and share it with others for their feedback. This class will be tailored to your needs.


Learning Objectives

·         To structure and write your dissertation effectively 

·         To evaluate and use sources and research in your writing 

·         To produce texts which are coherent, cohesive and with a clear argument  

·         To give an effective presentation



The course will include the following: 

·         Talking about your evolving topic: summarising the key points for different audiences 

·         Presentation and discussion skills; asking and dealing with questions

·         Experiences and issues with writing 

·         Types of writing involved during your doctoral studies  

·         Getting into writing routines – strategies for writing from the start 

·         Writing research questions 

·         Critical reading and literature reviews 

·         Developing your writer’s voice 

·         Writing within your subject discipline 

·         Writing different parts of the thesis; purpose, structure, language 

·         Writing for different audiences 

·         Register and academic style  

·         Summarising, paraphrasing and combining reading sources  

·         Coherence and the development of an argument 

·         Paragraph and sentence structure  

·         Developing grammatical accuracy

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