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FASS Writing Skills (EAPD) (2017/8) is a Course

FASS Writing Skills (EAPD) (2017/8)

Ended Mar 12, 2018


Full course description

PG Music students: This course aims to help you develop your assignment writing skills with emphasis on planning, organising and writing a range of academic texts.

Learning Objectives

  • To structure and write your annotated bibliography (and essays, reports and other assignment types) effectively 
  • To evaluate and use sources and research in your writing 
  • To produce texts which are coherent, cohesive and with a clear argument


The course will include the following: 

  • Critical reading and thinking skills 
  • Paragraphs 
  • Presenting and supporting an opinion 
  • Summarising and paraphrasing 
  • In-text citation & preparation of bibliographies 
  • Academic style 


PG Law students: This course is designed to help you produce well written and well-structured work in a style which is suitable for your Law assignments. The course will include a review of the lexical and grammatical structures used in a formal style of writing. In addition, focus will be given to referencing for Law, and on understanding what the essay question requires you to do. To help achieve the course aims, we expect you to spend some additional time relating the work of each session to your own academic subject. We expect you to bring examples of past and on-going work to class so that the course stays focused on your needs. 


  • Writing for law students: legal problem essays and discursive essays 
  • Referencing skills: in-text citation and bibliographies 
  • Paragraph and sentence structure
  • Developing reading skills for law: cases, statutes, legal reports, law reviews
  • Developing lexical accuracy: scope of law, contracts, employment, criminal, civil, international, tort, European Union
  • Dissertation writing
  • Criticality and evaluation: developing logical reasoning, identifying bias, strength of claim and modality

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