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Assignment Writing Skills for all (EAPD) (EA0018_ALL_ACYR_19) is a Course

Assignment Writing Skills for all (EAPD) (EA0018_ALL_ACYR_19)

Ended Mar 13, 2020


Full course description

This 8 week course covers the essentials of academic writing you need to do at university: essays, reports, literature reviews, reflections and more. It aims to enhance your writing skills in all areas so that you can produce the best work (and get the best marks!) you can. Develop your language for academic writing: the language of analysis, evaluation, discussion, description and reflection. Develop your skills of using academic reading sources in your writing and learn the skills of summarising, referencing and avoiding plagiarism. Practise understanding essay titles, planning, drafting, editing and proof-reading your work. Enhance the overall style of your writing and make your writing more 'academic'. Discuss the specific types of writing you are doing for assignments on your degree programme with your teacher. You will do short writing tasks in class, get feedback and become aware of areas you can work on further.

Learning Objectives

·         To structure and write essays, reports and other assignment types effectively

·         To evaluate and use sources and research in your writing

·         To produce texts which are coherent, cohesive and with a clear argument



The course will include the following:

·         The academic assignment – different genres and purposes

·         Paragraphs to text

·         Introductions & conclusions

·         Presenting and supporting an opinion

·         Critical thinking into critical writing skills

·         Summarising and paraphrasing

·         In-text citation & preparation of reference lists

·         Developing accuracy: techniques for editing & proof-reading

·         Academic style and developing your style

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