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SEC PG Academic Writing Skills (EAPD) (EA0020_ALL_TY13_19) is a Course

SEC PG Academic Writing Skills (EAPD) (EA0020_ALL_TY13_19)

Ended Mar 12, 2020


Full course description

Academic Writing (TB1): This course will prepare you with the language and skills necessary to succeed in your postgraduate SEC written assignments. Key areas will be covered, including: structuring the different sections of reports, using sources and referencing and commenting on data and trends.

Dissertations (TB2): This course aims to support and develop your MSc Dissertation/ Project writing: to prepare you for the demands  which  will  be  placed  on  your  language  /  writing  skills  during  the  dissertation. Each class will provide opportunities for the development of vocabulary, accuracy, content organisation and coherence in writing. The focus will be on the purpose, structure and language required for different parts of the dissertation and on how to achieve a coherent, effective piece of extended writing.

Every effort  will  be  made  to  ensure  that  course  content  is  relevant  to  the  needs  of  the  group  and  to  your studies. To help you achieve the course aims, you should spend some additional time relating the work of each session to your dissertation and you should bring examples of on-going work to each class.


The course will include the following: 


  • Report and essay structure and organisation 
  • Referencing, bibliographies, quoting and paraphrasing 
  • Presenting results 
  • Data commentary, trends and change 
  • Discussion and analysis 
  • Summaries  
  • Vocabulary of experiments and tests


  • The key features of an MSc Dissertation/ Project
  • Writing the research proposal 
  • Writing a critical literature review 
  • Analysis of different sections: purpose, structure and language of introductions, literature reviews, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusion sections

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