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Kingston Business School Writing Skills (EAPD) (EA0035_ALL_TY13_19) is a Course

Kingston Business School Writing Skills (EAPD) (EA0035_ALL_TY13_19)

Ended Mar 10, 2020


Full course description

This course aims to support and develop your use of academic English: to enable you to respond fully and accurately to the requirements of your postgraduate programme and to prepare you for the demands which will be placed on your writing and language skills during the Stage 3 dissertation. Each class will provide opportunities for the development of vocabulary, accuracy, structure, coherence and style in writing. There will also be opportunities for you to become more familiar with aspects of British academic culture to help you contexualise the examples and texts used during your programme.

Every effort will be made to ensure that course content is relevant to the needs of the group and to your studies. To help you achieve the course aims, it is expected that you will spend some additional time relating the work of each session to your course work and that you will bring examples of on-going work / questions to each class.


·         Approaches and strategies to deal with academic writing at postgraduate level in business disciplines

·         Critical reading strategies at Master’s level

·        The purpose, structure and language for reports, essays, literature reviews, reflective writing, using case studies and  examples of best practice

·         Register and academic style;

·         Vocabulary development via the use of authentic written and spoken texts

·         Summarising and critical use of sources of reference

·         In-text citation, references and bibliographies

·         Coherence and the development of an argument

·         Paragraph and sentence structure

·         Developing grammatical accuracy

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