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Business Studies: Communication Skills (EAPD) (2017/8) is a Course

Business Studies: Communication Skills (EAPD) (2017/8)

Ended Mar 9, 2018


Full course description

The course will give you the opportunity to develop the academic writing and speaking skills required to successfully undertake your undergraduate studies at Kingston Business School and to further develop those communication skills for your future career. This course not only adds value to your degree programme by enhancing your written communication skills but also earns you points for your Kingston Award and can be added to your HEAR [Higher Education Achievement Report].

Learning Objectives

·         To construct an accurate, cohesive and coherent written discursive text (reports and essays) on a topic related to your studies at Kingston Business School;

·         To select and accurately summarise information from print and internet business sources

·         Be able to use the correct academic conventions when incorporating and acknowledging sources of reference and preparing lists of references or bibliographies;

·         Be able to adopt strategies for planning, structuring and proof-reading academic texts

structure and deliver a presentation on a given business topic, with a high level of clarity and grammatical accuracy.


·         Planning and structuring writing tasks, interpreting task requirements, organising ideas, report/essay plans.

·         Report and essay writing

·         Using reading sources in your writing & Referencing

·         Critical thinking, problem-solving skills and critical writing

·         Group discussion and presentation skills

·         Advanced level grammar, punctuation and academic style

·         Academic and business vocabulary development

·         Advanced level grammar, punctuation and academic style

·         Editing and proof-reading strategies

·         Writing about data

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