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KLS German Level 1 (Semester long) (ALL 2017/8) is a Course

KLS German Level 1 (Semester long) (ALL 2017/8)

Ended Apr 14, 2018

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Apologies. Enrolment limit has been met. Please check back soon for new sessions.

Full course description

This module is designed to give students with no previous experience of the language the foreign language skills and principles to enable them to express simple ideas, provide and respond to simple information orally and in writing and interact satisfactorily in a limited number of everyday situations and social encounters. Some aspects of the foreign culture and environment will also be introduced.


There are two Beginners  groups, classes take place in Penrhyn Road and run as follows:


German       Group 1C                     on  Tuesdays      4-6pm

German       Group 1D                     on  Thursdays    6-8pm


Please make sure you are available to attend these sessions before enrolling.